About Paivi

Painting New Worlds from the Lushness of Life

When Paivi Eerola is painting, she is a scientist who plays with the reality. Ducks can become plants, a fruit can replace fabric, and flowers can form a factory that produces glass. In this new world, everything is changing and moving, and it's all celebrating the luxury and lushness of life.

Painting ICONs

In the 1970s, Paivi lived in a small town in Eastern Finland, close to the Russian border. Back then, she joined an icon painting group because it was the only local art group that accepted children. When painting in the basement of an old wooden church, she realized that images could be reminders of values and aspirations that would get neglected otherwise. They can have hidden messages that uplift and comfort us. The job of a painter is not just to express what can be seen but make the invisible visible.

Developer and Designer

The most inspiring book that Paivi knows is After Man - A Zoology of the Future by Dougal Dixon. As a child, Paivi borrowed it from the library so many times that she wonders how they allowed it! The book is both scientific and imaginative, and these kinds of innovations have always been Paivi's passion too. First, it led her to the master's degree in software engineering in 1996. Then she graduated with the bachelor of industrial design in 2009. The studies taught Paivi to design 3-dimensional objects and multi-layered systems, and she often uses these skills in her paintings.

History Fanatic

Natural history and art history are full of ideas that can be used for inventing new ones. In 2016-2017, Paivi studied old masters' painting techniques under Emmi Mustonen. After that, she has developed a way of working that is systematic but also allows innovations along the process. Her primary medium has been acrylic paints, but it is now changing to oils to better fit with the layered technique.

Peony and Parakeet - Teaching Art Internationally

Paivi Eerola became a full-time artist in 2014. Besides selling paintings, she has an art education business Peony and Parakeet. Paivi's students come from all over the world, especially from the USA. She helps creative people to connect with their imagination and find what inspires them. >> Get a Free Class

Being transparent is important to Paivi. She blogs every week at Peony and Parakeet and also shows her sketchbooks openly. >> Read Paivi's Blog

Art is a Window on Your wall

Paivi lives with her husband very near Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. She has a small studio in their mid-century modern home with a Japanese garden. Paivi wants her art to be like the view to the garden, a window into a mysterious but an uplifting world.

Paivi also takes commissions. When you want a special painting or a pen illustration with the symbols that have a special meaning to you, contact Paivi!

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