Paivi Eerola - Portfolio

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“Antonina”, ink drawing, 2018

"Animal Inkdom", ink drawing, colored pencils, watercolors, 2018

“Three Churches of St. Petersburg”, watercolor, colored pencils, acrylics, 2018

"Temptation", oil painting, 2018

"Living Treasure", acrylic painting, 2017

"Blooming Centuries", acrylic painting, 2017

"Strawberry Madonna", acrylic painting, 2017

"Gypsy Madonna", oil painting, 2017 (after Boccaccio Boccaccino and Leonardo da Vinci)

"Dreaming Salome", oil painting, 2016 (after Moretto da Brescia, 1537)

"Captivating Connection", mixed media painting, 2017

"Human Nature", acrylic painting, 2016

"Creative Fire", acrylic painting, 2016

"Healing Power", acrylic painting, 2016

"Together", mixed media painting, 2016

"Free Spirit", acrylic painting, 2015

"November Still Life", mixed media painting, 2015

"Folk Leaves", hand-drawn paper collage, 2014

"Enigma", mixed media painting, 2011